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Heat pump collector wells

During the construction process of heat pumps, collectors are placed in the ground, from which the heat of the ground is taken to heat the residential house. We offer to install junctions where collectors can be connected.

Heat pump collector wells

Heat pump collector well equipment

  • The wells are equipped with 63mm collectors with 4 or 6 branches on a d32 pipe.

  • Both brass valves with tensile resistant solution and PVC taps are available in the equipment.

  • The internal equipment of the well is easy to disassemble, remove and replace.

  • The internal diameter of 800mm provides the possibility of easy entry into the well, as well as the free opening of the hatch (600mm) is convenient for service.

Advantages of heat pump collector wells

  • Lightweight polyethylene (PE100) construction

  • Easy to install in the ground, no heavy machinery is requireda

  • Durable in high ground water conditions, self-anchoring base parta

  • Multiple connections, to varying degrees

  • Large free lid opening 600mm

  • Durable double-walled housings

  • Inner diameter 800mm

  • Installation depth on request

  • Green zone PE cover for loads up to 3.5T

  • Undercarriage cover for load up to 40T

  • Casing roundness resistance SN2, 2kN/m2

Heat pump collector wells
Heat pump collector wells

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