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Plastic pontoons are intended for keeping floating bridges or other structures above water. Pontus can be made in different sizes, with different load capacities. They can also be built over water.


Pontoon equipment

  • In the additional equipment, you can choose fasteners for more convenient fastening of the footbridge structure.

  • It is also possible to order the construction itself from metal, wood, as well as to order it with plastic boards.

Pontoons are made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, with a durable double-walled body. It is possible to individually adjust the length, diameter, according to the length and load capacity of the footbridges.



  • Lightweight polyethylene (PE100) construction

  • Durable monolithic body

  • Industrially made

  • Size and diameter on request, up to 3m in diameter, 13.5m in length.

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