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Second elevation pumping stations

The pumping stations of the second elevation are intended for increasing the water supply or fire-fighting water pressure in order to ensure water pressure in the necessary areas and buildings.

Second elevation pumping stations
Second elevation pumping stations
  • In the event of a leak in the well, a drainage pump is provided to pump out the tank, thereby protecting the pumps from the risk of flooding.

  • The diameter of the station is designed taking into account the dimensions of the equipment to be placed, pumps, valves and others.

Equipment of pumping stations of the second lift

  • The stations can be equipped with DN50-DN300 diameter pressure pipes made of high-density polyethylene PE100RC or stainless steel AISI304, 316 according to the customer's choice.

  • The equipment includes non-return valves that ensure water flow in only one direction.

  • In addition to safety and easy maintenance of the check valve, ball valves are also provided, which are closed in case the check valves are not working or need to be serviced on the pumps.

  • There is a ladder in the well to climb into it if necessary, it is convenient to work there.

  • The pumps can be activated by a hydrostatic pressure transmitter, for which different pressures can be set, depending on the amount of water required, up to the set pressure level, the second pump works alternately, or connects to help the first one if it cannot cope, for example in the event of a fire, a bypass line is also provided with fire pump.

Application of second lift pumping stations

In cases when new consumers are connected and it is necessary to increase the pressure in the water pipe.

In cases where it is necessary to provide flow and pressure in the internal or external firefighting system with hydrants for fire purposes.

Advantages of stations

Second elevation pumping stations
  • Lightweight polyethylene (PE100) construction

  • Easy to install in the ground, no separate concrete base plate is required

  • Resistant to high groundwater conditions, self-anchoring base part

  • Easily replaceable pumps

  • Multiple connections, to varying degrees, as needed

  • A large clear opening in the lid is adapted to service the pumps

  • Durable double wall housing

  • Inner diameter 1000-3000mm

  • Installation depth on request up to 12.5m

  • Pumps from a very reliable manufacturer

  • Automatic restoration of operation in the event of a power outage for a longer period of time

  • Self-anchoring, with concrete filling at the base of the well, which protects mechanisms from the influence of groundwater pressure

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