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Water level adjustment tanks

​Water level regulation tanks or manikins are designed for regulating the water level in ponds or larger bodies of water, with the possibility of lowering the water level completely, as well as draining cold water from the bottom or warm water from the surface.

Water level adjustment tanks

Specificity of water level regulation tanks

In water level tanks, U-shaped guides made of high-density polyethylene are melted, for inserting boards, the size of the guides depends on the expected thickness of the boards, standard size 55mm, it is possible to order as needed.

The diameter of the manifold depends on the diameter of the connected pipes, up to a diameter of 400mm, the manifold can be built in a DN(ID)800mm diameter tank, if the connection diameter is from 500 – 630mm, the manifold can be built in a DN(ID)1000mm tank. If the diameter of the connections is between 700 and 1000mm, the manifold can be built in a DN(ID)1400mm tank.

​Advantages of water level control tanks

  • Lightweight polyethylene (PE100) construction

  • Easy to install in the ground, no heavy equipment required

  • Resistant to high groundwater conditions, self-anchoring base part

  • Durable guides made of the same material as the tank

  • Multiple connections, to varying degrees, as needed

  • Large cover free opening, on request, from 600-1400m m

  • Durable double wall housing

  • Industrially made

  • Inner diameter 800mm, 1000mm, 1400mm, or on request up to 3000mm diameter

  • Installation depth on request, up to 12m

Water level adjustment tanks
Water level control tanks

Water level tanks are designed to be safe and durable


The base is made of concrete embedded in a high-density polyethylene sheath, which ensures the strength and longevity of the base.


The conductors are fused inside the tank from the same material as the tank, therefore there is no risk of deformation of the tank, as it would be with different materials, due to temperature changes, load changes.

Application of water level control tanks

In cases where the pond needs to drain the incoming water in a controlled way , choosing whether the warm upper layer of water or the cold lower layer of water is drained.

In cases where the pond needs water level regulation, depending on the season, raising the level in case of dry summers so that the total pond level does not fall. Anticipating a lower level during floods to protect the dam.

In cases where it is necessary to completely drain the pond to collect fish or for other technical reasons.

Advantages of wells

Water level control tanks
Water level adjustment tanks
  • Safe double wall housing

  • Made of high quality materials (PEHD

  • The wires are made of the same material as the tank

  • Fused connecting pipes

  • Self-anchoring, with concrete filling at the base of the well, which protects the board partition from the influence of groundwater pressure.

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